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Straight Lineage

Well, that was a bit much, wasn't it? Pretty deep stuff. Let me just say, flat out, that I really loved the episode. It had some great moments all around (comedy, drama, etc.) and set the stage for some great stuff in the future.

I wish that I could write more about this episode, but there are two other things that I feel the need to address more.

One, should be a relief to anyone who has read my ramblings. I am finally going to put to rest my feelings of paranoia, regarding the end of this ANGEL. According to E! ONLINE, Angel has been picked up for another season already. Not bad. Also, having watched last night's episode (preceded by Smallville) I was beseiged by commercials from THE WB touting all the trade magazines/newspapers/critics that LOOOOOOOOVE Angel. So, again, how could I possibly be right?

Of course, this does leave me with my only complaint about last night, but I can't imagine that it could matter anymore. Still trying to watch the show as an objective newbie (although we all know I am not,) I found last night's episode steeped in more canon than most of the other episodes this season. Mention of Connor is the foremost on my mind, because of the whole episode, it was the one that my father brought up. He has only seen the first two seasons of ANGEL (which we have on DVD) and then started watching this season. He found it to be inconceivable that Angel could have a son, and wanted to know all about it and how it was possible. This, to me, seemed like what most of the new audience would have felt. Then to be bogged down with references to the Watcher's council, it just seemed a bit steeped in continuity. Not much to bother me as a fan, but enough to get the Spidey-sense tingling for the newbies. Besides. Next week we have Drusilla, and boy is that steeped in continuity.

Second, is again I couldn't believe how far this show has come from its original feel. Even from the original feel of BUFFY. I believe that there has been a very stark shift in direction since the Buffyverse came into existence. This was evident in the days of BUFFY as well, but seemed to be highlighted even more last night. It is OK for characters to change, but could we all reflect for a moment on how much, for example, Angel has changed as a character since we first met him?

Still Brooding? Yes. Still dark? Yes. But just look at what he has to deal with on a daily basis now, versus what he did then. He reminds me of myself. Ten years ago I never would have envisioned myself doing what I do today. A few months ago, I had to marvel at the fact that I was actually IN A MEETING. When did that happen? When did I become old enough, or responsible enough to attend meetings? Well, Angel is kinda the same way. Almost ten years ago, he was running around with his girlfriend, saving the world, and master of his own destiny. Now, he too is attending meetings and has all this responsibility thrust upon him. From the Shanshu prophecies to the day to day managing of Wolfram & Hart, he has grown to be a man, from the adolescent we met so long ago.

Maybe it was Brian's last posting that has made me more introspective lately, but this was just something that stood out to me. I don't believe that I have articulated most of my feelings on this matter. Last night, though, it also occurred to me that back in BUFFY Season 1, I may have found it hard to believe that the characters would be chasing down a bunch of killer androids, and that a law firm would be the central point of the show.

Go figure.

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