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The Life of the Party

Before I dive headlong into this week’s tasty Angel morsel, let me take a brief moment to address last week’s offering. To be honest, I walked away from it satisfied with a job well done. While Brian did point out that it did make use of most of the conventions/clichés that we’ve come to expect from any sort of horror story, again I believe that it is the execution, above all else, that separates this one from some of the dreck that is out there.

As usual, the acting was top-notch, and the writing (while derivative in plot-points) was still spot-on for dialogue and timing. I do have to disagree with Brian’s assessment of the addition of Eve to the story. Perhaps, though, it was simply because I missed her .

And now, before I tackle last night’s episode, let me say that I actually did feel a disturbance in the force. It happened at the exact moment that Brian was swayed (not converted, mind you) but swayed over to the dark side. And so my pessimism is rubbing off. I wonder if this does indeed bode sour for our friends over at Angel Investi--, I mean Wolfram & Hart.

One final note. From now until the end of the season, I will be keeping the majority of my reviews on topic. With regards to how each episode will affect the future of the show, I may give the occasional update. However, for now, it may be safe to assume that unless stated expressly in the review to the contrary, each episode, while being good, does not seem to be helping attract new viewers or helping the show stay on the air for another season (and I’ll address whether or not that is a good thing, much further into the season.)

As for Life of the Party, I had a great time. This was what I was talking about before, about one of those episodes intended to lighten the mood. It was pure fun, with the usual suspense added in. It was full of gems that were dramatic/comic gold, but did have an unfortunate moment in it, that was more a problem of timing than anything else.

It was that one moment when Lorne’s subconscious was talking to him. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t have a problem with the sight of one Lorne talking to the other, but for the fact that F/X is currently showing season 7 of BUFFY, and I had just come from two hours of watching one Spike talk to the other (granted that was The First, and all, but I think I just overloaded on the idea.) That, was probably nothing to be ultimately held against the episode, just my own little problem.

The pairings off were great. I was glad to have the Fred/Wesley issue addressed more outright. I just can’t help but feel sorry for poor Wesley. I don’t know how many people out there have been where he is (not the whole “former rogue demon hunter, in charge of the mystical division of an evil law firm, trying to destroy it from within” thing, but in his relationship with Fred,) but I know I’ve been there, and that’s just painful.

I couldn’t figure out, at first, why Gunn was peeing everywhere, but that was absolutely hysterical when it was explained. It’s one of those jokes that really funny as it’s being told, and then the punch line cinches it. Very nice.

Angel and Eve was just damned funny, but a bit out of left field. Did Lorne see something that I didn’t? (could be, since he’s an empath.) I have never seen much in the way of sexual tension between the two of them, so where did that come from? But let’s hear it for Eve’s dismissal at the end of the ep.

So, with a minor exception or two, I had a great time. Woo hoo! Now, all I have to know is, is DC Comics aware that Bane is going to be in the next episode of Angel? 

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